In Fall 2019, my longtime client, FOX Sports, came to me to help them launch their sports wagering app, FOX BET. I am not a sports-wagering man. However, I love sports, and the opportunity to help launch a start-up represented a unique and exciting challenge.

FOX BET didn’t just want to just mimic main competitors DraftKings and FanDuel, pushing out daily stats and numbers for serious wagerers. We wanted to bring more casual fans in on the fun. How? By leveraging the personalities of our numerous FOX Sports show hosts through weekly talent-driven viral videos.

For each of the top 8-9 Fox Sports hosts, my challenge was create weekly viral videos that 1) promoted their individual weekly wager, and 2) elevated their personal brands through fun, surprising storytelling. I would also work directly with talent to help shape their weekly videos.

Starting Week 1 of the NFL season, our viral content made an impact. Across all hosts, video views on Twitter, Facebook exceeded expectations, and impressive new customer sign-up followed. Here are some of the most-viewed videos I concepted and scripted…